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    Tel: 0086-574-86531888
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    • Address:No.25 XiHe Road, Jiu
    • Longhu Town, Zhenhai District,
    • Ningbo City,Zhejiang Province, China
    • Tel:0086-574-86531888
    • Fax:0086-574-86531668
    • E-mail:[email protected]
    Ningbo Ningli High-Strength Fastener Industrial Co.,Ltd was founded in 1994,Its predecessor is Zhenghai High-Strength Fastener Industrial Corporatin,who was renamed as Ningbo Ningli High-Strength Fastener Industrial Co.,Ltd in 1998,The company is a manufactuer specialized in producting various of models and specification of High-Strength Fastener products.
    Through years of development, the Company has total assets of 260 million yuan, a registered capital of 48 million yuan, an area of 63,350 square meters, and 428 employees, of whom 302 are high school or above certificate holders, accounting for 70.56% of the total employees.
    • Automobile products series
    • Windpower host unit series
    • Windpower tower series
    • Windpower tower series
    • Washer series
    • Nuts series
    • Nuts series
    • Hex socket screw series
    • Hexagon bolts
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